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We guarantee that we will train your dog to listen to you no matter where you are.

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Get Reliable Behavior in Just 14 Days - Guaranteed

In just 14 days we will train your dog to listen to you even with distractions like other dogs, toys, food, open doors and, yes, even with children running around!

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    We guarantee that we can train your dog to listen to you no matter where you are.


    It's never too late to train your dog. There is HOPE!


    Imagine your dog following every command off leash, like they do on leash


No Risk Guarantee

We know there are many trainers for you to choose from, but were so confident that you will love the results of our training that we will guarantee it. If you don't love the results we will provide as many additional training sessions your dog needs at no charge.


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$100 Value
It is important that you find the right trainer for you and your dog. Call today to schedule a FREE assessment and temperament test. All of our training programs are customized to fit you and your dog’s needs. There is hope for every dog!


National Recognition

For 25 years we have helped hundreds of trainers and dog owners from across the nation to get proven results. We provide Residency training for clients from around the country. Jim is a national speaker/trainer of the NePoPo® training system for professional dog trainers and sport dog trainers.

Dog Training Services

Private Training

We’ll teach you how to train the dog you’ve always wanted!

Residency Training

The fast and stress free way to get a well behaved dog!

Off Leash Program

Imagine your dog following every command off leash like they do on leash!

About Foundation K9

Foundation K9 is committed to helping you and your dog enjoy life together. Our core belief is that everyone deserves to have a well behaved dog to enjoy life with. Everything we do is centered on this belief.

We know your dog is more than just a pet. They are your best friend, family member, hiking partner, go everywhere buddy. No matter where you want to go together our training will make those experiences more enjoyable for you. Every dog and dog owner are different so we customize every training program to meet your needs.

We know you love your dog! We love dogs too, so much so that we have dedicated our lives to understanding them and making their lives and yours better. No matter what your dog obedience need is, our training programs will help your life be less stressful and more enjoyable to own a dog guaranteed.

Owner/ Trainer Jim Fitzgerald
Jim’s passion for dog training is evident. He has assisted hundreds of pet dog owners in enhancing their relationship with their dogs, bridging the gap of communication with their beloved four legged family members. He impacts the way people understand, train and live with their dogs. His “Creating Balance” approach has made him a highly sought-after resource by dog trainers and pet owners seeking to understand and rehabilitate dogs.

Jim has over 25 years of professional dog training experience. Over the years he has trained numerous dogs for protection sports and Law Enforcement. He is a graduate and instructor of the NePoPo® dog training system, the modern language of dog training by the world renowned dog trainer Bart Bellon.

Jim is a national speaker/trainer of the NePoPo® training system for professional dog trainers and sport dog trainers. His knowledge and experience in dog psychology and behavioral modification help trainers understand the science and psychology of why dogs do what they do and implement solutions to change their behavior. Jim”s goal is for his clients and their dogs to have balance and live their best life together.

Success Stories

Thank you for taking on our wild child. Thank you for all the update videos of Raven, we really missed our girl. After watching all the videos of her I'm beginning to understand your passion for training dogs. We can't believe this is the same dog, we gave you a wild child and now she’s calm in the house and no longer needs to be locked up when people come over. You're brilliant! She still loves to chase the rabbits at the cabin but now she comes back when I call her.
Brandon Stallard
Thank you so much for taking the time to train our stubborn Dogo Argentino, Bowser! After running away numerous times, not listening to a single thing we said, and even biting someone, I thought he was truly untrainable. After only six private lessons with you, he has become a completely different dog. I can take him on walks and he walks right by me instead of dragging me around, he comes when called, and he doesn't dart out of the house anymore. The best part is that we can take him to public places and he can be trusted around people again. I don't know how you do it, but you sure have a way with dogs! Thank you for helping us train our Bowser to be the dog we knew he could be!
Brittany & Neil Taroli
Wanatah, IN
Thanks for being my coach! Your ability to share your knowledge on building engagement and drive with my dogs has made a positive impact on their performance at agility trials. Every time I work with you, I feel that my relationship with my dogs is strengthened by your ability to observe us and determine what they really need from me. Your insight when evaluating puppies is invaluable to me when matching puppies to their performance homes as well as choosing my own puppy. I have attended many of your training seminars as well as private lessons and I always come away with new approaches to train my dogs, you have a special way of bringing out the best in dogs and everyone you work with. Training opportunities with you is always an enjoyable experience for me and my dogs. Thanks again for sharing your decades of experience!
Shelly Gordon
My 3 year old Bullmastiff was a hard headed male with a good demeanor but terrible at listening. I reached out at the end of my rope. Jim with Foundation K9 saved me. I inquired online and was surprised within 12 hours received a call about my inquiry. I immediately took Moomba for an assessment. After the assessment I had confidence that they would be able to help me was and we started immediately. I was stunned from day 1 we immediately saw results. Within 2 weeks I had a different dog. I can’t stress enough the communication; training and overall experience with Foundation K9 was amazing. Pricing was great as well. I will never own another dog that does not go through training via Foundation K9.
Ricky Hill
Hobart, IN
Bad behavior will be a thing of the past!


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Get a Free Evaluation & Temperament Test

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Fill out the form to schedule a FREE assessment and temperament test. All of our training programs are customized to fit you and your dog’s needs. There is hope for every dog!

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